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In this assignment, we will start making sounds that will eventually comprise our communal sound game/piece. For this week, focus on making sounds that interests you, and do not worry about fitting them into the game framework yet. Have fun!!!

To Do

  • play with ChucK! open up a few programs (try using TextEdit on OS X, or WordPad on Windows) and get a general idea of the code. try modifying some of the parameters, save the file (perhaps under a different name), and run it with chuck. does the result sound simlilar to what you expected?
  • create 3 sets of ChucK programs
    • SET A: (5x) short percussive sounds
      • these can be any bleeps, bloops, notes, or sound files you have loaded
      • they should interpret a "frequency" parameter in some way
    • SET B: (5x) longer drone sounds
      • should have a start and finish
    • SET C: (2x) rhythmic sounds
      • pick a tempo and create a program to generate a series of sounds at the tempo you have chosen.
  • try to structure your program so that the sound generation part is separate from the sound control part. (i.e. use functions to abstract functionalities)
  • turn in the programs with a short README file that explains the programs you have created and any interesting experience or problems you encountered in their making.
  • be ready to demo one or more of these in class!