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(Program Notes)
(Laptop Quintet (2006))
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* for 5 laptops + 5 humans + no additional amplification (a [[PLOrk_fall2006/SmallSoundsSketches|Small Sounds Sketch]]).
* for 5 laptops + 5 humans + no additional amplification (a [[PLOrk_fall2006/SmallSoundsSketches|Small Sounds Sketch]]).
* '''composer''': [http://www.samsonyoung.com| Samson Young]
* '''composer''': [http://www.samsonyoung.com Samson Young]
* '''duration''': 4'
* '''duration''': 4'
* '''software used''': chuck
* '''software used''': chuck

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Laptop Quintet (2006)

Program Notes

"Laptop Quintet" uses samples from an electronic piece I composed in 2004 for the Le French May Arts Festival entitled "Mirror Dance Studies". Using chuck, soundclips are randomized, then played back at different sample rates, dynamic levels, tempi and densities.


  • All players read from full score.
  • Laptop player (1) also serve as the conductor.
  • Sound volume on full. Open terminal, go to plork/users/sy/assignment1
  • The graphical score tells you which .ck files to chuck. Chuck them on conductor's cue. Duration of is represented by the length of the lines in the notation. Kill the .ck files on conductor's cut-off.
  • Vertical lines denote entries are to be synchronized.
  • Observe decrescendo signs and decrease in volume accordingly. Increase volume level to full before each re-entry.

Instructions for conductor

  • All entries and cut-offs must be cued.
  • Gesture increase/ decrease in dynamic level according to the notation.


All necessary files, including a PDF of the score, can be found under plork/users/sy/