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  • for 5 laptops and 5 humans with no additional amplification
  • composer: Laurie Hollander
  • duration: less than 4 minutes
  • software used: miniAudicle

Program Notes

This will eventually be a game with rules that change every time it's played. The rule on how to set the rules is:

  • 30 seconds < N < 3 minutes to be decided by the players ahead of time
  • For the first N seconds of the game, the players decide what decisions will be made by the group based on the nonverbal cue of nodding.

These decisions could be unilateral, for example, players agree to Nod before adding a shred, or they could be mutual, for example, players agree to Nod to ask someone else to add a shred, or when all players Nod simultaneously, they will wind down and end in less than 30 seconds. Players may designate variations on nodding, like nod up and down, nod right, nod left, to mean different things.

There will eventually be more graphic controllers, like sliders, for pitch bend etc.

Laptop Instructions

  • Open mini-Audicle
  • Set Preferences - Miscellaneous - to the directory specified at the time of performance
  • Make sure nothing is plugged into the headphone jack, and that the output/input audio devices are set to the built-in options, and that the speaker volume is on highest and it's not mute.
  • Start the Virtual Machine
  • Players 1 - 5: Open ; Player 5 only: Open


  • files: plork/users/laurieh/sss (,, 590_Anton_wash_loop1ed2.wav)

Human Instructions

ahead of time