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OMG, I Peed on my Phone

Program Notes

This piece is an homage to my Treo 600 phone which was tragically dropped into a urinal on September 27th, 2006. The piece is composed of numerous chuck files which each manipulate specific wav files. The wav files include phone ringing sounds, peeing sounds (recorded by composer), crying sounds (also recorded by composer), and a couple of orchestral textures. The players have complete control over each sound, manipulating such factors as the playback rate, frequency, gain, and reverb settings of each sound. The player's are encouraged to work off of each other, listening to the overall sound of the performance and changing their settings accordingly. Through my piece, I wanted to convey to the listener the risks of peeing while talking on the phone.


  • Open up miniAudicle
  • Go to miniAudicle => Preferences => Miscellaneous => Set current directory to PLork\users\jf\omg
  • Open up,,,, and
  • Start the Virtual Machine
  • As conductor cues each player one by one, add shred. Listen carefully to the beautiful, all natural pee sound.
  • Conductor will cue players one by one to start adding shred. The cue here is when the conductor touches his crotch and points at each player.
  • Start changing some values in and add more shreds(DO NOT replace). It is important for the performers to really experiment with different sound qualities here, imagining if you are the one peeing.
  • When cued by conductor, start adding shred. The cue here is when conductor signals a phone with left hand.
  • Experiment again by changing values in and adding more shreds of it.
  • When cued by conductor, start adding shred. Then start adding shred when conductor cues again. The conductor will mouth these words, so remember to look up when time comes. Experiment again by changing values.
  • When cued by conductor, start opening up the ~ files in miniAudicle and start adding shreds. The cue is when conductor starts pounding chest. Experiment in each one by changing values as indicated.
  • As conductor cues players with stop motion, start removing the shreds one by one. Open up and prepare to add shred. Remove all shreds until there is complete silence.
  • On final cue, add shred, thus ending the masterpiece.


  • Files:,,,,,,,,,, All required wav files can be found in PLork/users/jf/omg
  • Score: Oh My God I Peed on My Phone Performer's Guidelines


  • Players MUST NOT laugh at any point during the entire performance as this will surely ruin the atmosphere