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General Information

this is not *just* a " PLOrk seminar"; we're calling it "Tech Band" and addressing more general issues facing composers and performers integrating technology into performance, and also how technology can create new performance paradigms. PLOrk will, however, remain a resource and constant point of reference. Hands-on with both:

  • hardware (basic electronics, speakers and so on, inspired by Nic Collins' workshop last year; also sensor and microcontroller stuff, etc...) and
  • coding (ChucK and Max/MSP).

projects from members of the seminar will likely drive things as we proceed

primary meeting time: Th 1:30-4:20, McAlpin and/or Studio B; assistance setting up may be requested for many of these meetings

Important Dates

  • November 7 (tentative) and 8 (definite); performances in DC area.
    • Not everyone will be involved, and this is a PLOrk-specific performance.

Hardware Resources

books and other readings

campus stuff

  • if you haven't visited Perry's soundlab do so!
  • there is a machine shop class offered in the Engineering Quad; useful primarily for metal-working, though wood and plastic is also possible. contact Larry McIntyre about taking this 5-week course to get access to the shop and learn your way around.

arduino stuff

places to get stuff

Software Resources

Other Stuff

  • go ahead, put stuff here that might be useful/interesting/hilarious/just stupid