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General Information

this is not *just* a " PLOrk seminar"; we're calling it "Tech Band" and addressing more general issues facing composers and performers integrating technology into performance, and also how technology can create new performance paradigms. PLOrk will, however, remain a resource and constant point of reference. Hands-on with both:

  • hardware (basic electronics, speakers and so on, inspired by Nic Collins' workshop last year; also sensor and microcontroller stuff, etc...)
  • coding (ChucK and Max/MSP).

projects from members of the seminar will likely drive things as we proceed, and we will undoubtedly form a band ourselves, do some improvising and composing together, and, if there is interest, put on a performance and/or "house 'o sound" after the semester.

  • primary meeting time: Th 1:30-4:20, McAlpin and/or Studio B; assistance setting up may be requested for many of these meetings

Important Dates

  • November 7 (tentative) and 8 (definite); performances in DC area.
    • Not everyone will be involved, and this is a PLOrk-specific performance.

Basic Resources

books and other readings

campus stuff

  • if you haven't visited Perry's soundlab do so!
  • Perry's Human-Computer Interfacing course is also relevant.
  • there is a machine shop class offered in the Engineering Quad; useful primarily for metal-working, though wood and plastic is also possible. contact Larry McIntyre about taking this 5-week course to get access to the shop and learn your way around.

arduino stuff

places to get stuff


Class Notes

we'll put up notes from each weekly meeting as needed

Week 1

  • hasn't happened yet!

Other Stuff

  • go ahead, put stuff here that might be useful/interesting/hilarious/just stupid
  • check out this for gutting an inexpensive Sonic Impact T-amp. great if you want to embed it and/or battery power it somewhere small.