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Laptop name WHO / WHERE Comments/Issues
bibble Studio C -- tom said he left this in studio a 5/19 -- maybe skot picked up?
blorp skot's office?
dribble Michael Hammond -- haven't heard from him
dunk Studio C
dunno Raymond Weitekamp (keeping for now)
guzzle skot?
hoot Studio C
kerplunk Betsey Biggs? signed out to her, but not back in
nope Studio C
ooze Studio C
poke Sean Murphy returning Friday afternoon
shout Studio C
sigh/sniffle Kevin Chou (keeping for now) -- says sniffle on cover, sigh on HD!
sing Brittany Haas returning by Friday
sniffle Lainie F? signed out to her, but not back in -- probably this is the one Kevin has?
whoop Jascha (?) signed out to him, but not back in