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* programs (ChucK files), sound files (if any)
* programs (ChucK files), sound files (if any)

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Looping Rhythmic Generator

Inspired by the question posed by the reporter from Fox News: "... but can you dance to it?"


In this assignment you will, in stages, build an interactive rhythmic generator in ChucK, learn how to play it creatively, and perform music for the class using your new instrument. Think carefully about what kind of device you might like to make. It could be a drum machine, or an analog sequencer, or emulation of mechanical or other cycling process. You define what "rhythmic" means.

This is a solo project (everyone should create a piece), and will be due in stages. Details are below:

Part A : Loop-Trigger Module

  • Due Next Week (Thursday, Feb. 22)

In this stage, you will build a module of code in ChucK which will perform some rhythmic task and will trigger sounds. Your code should contain some kind of cycling process (while loop, etc) and should trigger sounds in repetitive or statistical patterns. Any sound can be used: a soundfile, classic computer music sounds (periodic waveforms, noise), instrument models from the STK library, etc.

Examples (post here from class?)


  • programs (ChucK files), sound files (if any)
  • README file explaining your approach in creating the piece, what tools you used, any difficulties you encountered, and any additional notes.

You will present your results in class.