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PLOrk Concert, Spring 2007

  • May 19th, 2007 8pm
  • Taplin Auditorium


  • Nic Collins...
    • Waggle Dance:
    • Waggle Dance relies on two sets of sounds: firstly feedback between each laptop’s built-in mike and its speakers, and secondly intimate texts written and recorded by the member of the orchestra. Only the edges of these sounds, however, are heard as each laptop runs a program that, like a nervous conversationalist in the principal’s office, makes noise through a awkwardly belated attempt to self-edit (this process emulates a venerable analog signal processing device known as a “Ducker”.) Every time a computer starts to say something, it shuts itself up, but always a moment too late. The cat is never let out of the bag, but we can hear its whiskers twitching.:
  • Sam Pluta...
    • title:
    • program notes:
  • Alan Tormey...
    • shining sea:
    • program notes:
  • Ge Wang...
    • title:
    • program notes:
  • Scott Smallwood...
    • Fabrics:
    • program notes:
  • Anne Hege...
    • Maybe the Monolith will just calm down:
    • Music by Anne Hege. Text by Colleen Plimier. Software design by Spencer Salazar. Vocalist - Anne Hege

"For hundreds of thousands of years, mankind lived without a straight line in nature. Objects in this world resonated with each other. For the caveman, the mountain Greek, the Indian hunter (indeed, even for the latter-day Manchu Chinese), the world was multicentered and reverberating. It was gyroscopic. Life was like being inside a sphere, 360 degrees without margins...Here we have a clue to the mentality of the pre-literate, that world of oral tradition that we eventually left behind about the end of the Hellenic period. It is the mentality of the multitude, or as Yeats put it: everything happening at once, in a state of constant flux."

- Marshall McLuhan "Visual and Acoustic Space" from Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music :

  • Scott Elmegreen and John Fontein
    • :
    • program notes:


Nicolas Collins is currently a Visiting Fellow in the Department of Music. His first laptop was a 1977 Synertek Vim, with 1k of memory. His recent book, Handmade Electronic Music – The Art of Hardware Hacking, on the other hand, is a guide to the joys of analog.