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General Information

Welcome to COS/MUS 314/316 for Spring 2010. YOU are PLOrk, now don't hurt yourself!! Coming soon:

  • 314 syllabus
  • 316 syllabus

In addition to YOU, the following are involved in teaching these courses:

  • Dan Trueman, professor in Music
  • Rebecca Fiebrink, graduate student in Computer Science
  • Daniel Iglesia, visiting lecturer from Columbia University
  • Jeffrey Snyder, Technical Director, Princeton Computer Music Studios, and Associate Director of PLOrk
  • Cameron Britt, graduate student in Music

Laptop Configuration

All PLOrk members must configure their laptops (Macbooks) as described here

The current version of the PLOrk Repository, broken down into subfolders that can be downloaded individually, can be found here



Precepts WILL be held the first week of class!!

  • 314: Precepts on Wednesdays from 7:30-9:20pm, Woolworth 102
  • 316: Precepts on Wednesdays from 7:30-9:20pm, Studio A/B
  • 314 and 316: Thursday rehearsal from 1:30-4:20pm, McAlpin and other rooms in Woolworth, when we break into smaller groups.

Important Dates

  • Classes begin: February 3 (both 314 and 316 will meet in 102 to start)
  • Spring break: Week of March 14
  • March 24: informal performances of midterm projects (314, maybe 316) at the Whitman Theater
  • April 2 & 3: Taplin dress rehearsal & performance
  • May 15: outdoor/indoor open house performances & projects


  • PLOrk Reader; lots and lots of reading relevant to PLOrk and this seminar in general. please add as you see fit, and ask us for the password for protected papers if you can't guess it.
  • Be sure you're on the PLOrk314-316 mailing list.
  • See the extensive list of resources at the Fall 2007 Wiki for starters.

COS/MUS 314 Info

Rebecca's office hours

Days & Times: TBA

My office is room 416 in the Computer Science building, which is attached to the Friend center. The easiest way to find it is to take the CS building elevator to the 4th floor, turn right out of the elevator, and go to the third office on the right.

If my officemates are in my office and someone comes to meet with me for office hours, I'll often move to the CS tea room (which is basically a much bigger communal room with lots of tables and chairs, as well as some tea). In this case, I'll put a sign on my door for you to go to the tea room. To get there, go down the long hallway to your left once you come out of the elevator on the 2nd floor. The tea room is at the end of the hall.

You're always welcome to email me to set up a time to meet outside of office hours, but I don't recommend stopping by my office unannounced and expecting me to be there, since I do work from home a lot.

Tentative precept schedule

  • 2/3: Becoming PLOrk-worthy, Intro to the Universe and more
    • Introductions, Syllabus, Schedule
    • Algorithms
    • Assignment 1
    • Making sound in ChucK
    • What happens when a ChucK program executes?
    • Controlling time
    • Basic ChucK: identifiers, objects, comments, keywords, statements, operators, data types, printing
    • Unit Generators
    • Sound waves and digital audio
    • UGen demos
    • Example code from today


Please submit Assignments in Blackboard unless the instructions say otherwise. We'll often use Blackboard to give you feedback on your assignments, as well.

  • Assignment 1: TBA

MUS 316 Info

316 office hours


Tentative precept schedule


Working Rehearsal Schedule