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   5. Avneesh Sarwate
   5. Avneesh Sarwate
   6. Nikitas Tampakis
   6. Nikitas Tampakis
   7. Samantha Gebb  
   7. Samantha Gebb
  8. Alan Thorne
2:  buttons and boxes and stuff
2:  buttons and boxes and stuff

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General Information

Welcome to COS/MUS 314/316 for Spring 2012. YOU are PLOrk, now don't hurt yourself!!

Coming soon:

  • 316 syllabus

In addition to YOU, the following are involved in teaching these courses:

  • Dan Trueman, professor in Music
  • Rebecca Fiebrink, professor in Computer Science
  • Jeffrey Snyder, Technical Director, Princeton Computer Music Studios, and Associate Director of PLOrk
  • Jascha Narveson, graduate student in Music

Laptop Configuration

All PLOrk members must configure their laptops (Macbooks) as described here

The current version of the PLOrk Repository, broken down into subfolders that can be downloaded individually, can be found here



Precepts WILL be held the first week of class!!

  • 314: Precepts on Tuesdays, 1:30-2:50pm , Woolworth 106
  • 316: Precepts on Tuesdays, 3:00-4:20pm, Woolworth 106 / Studios
  • 314 and 316: Thursday rehearsal from 1:30-4:20pm, McAlpin and other rooms in Woolworth, when we break into smaller groups.

Important Dates

  • Classes begin: February 7
  • Room change for Thursday February 9, only: Meet in Woolworth 106, not McAlpin
  • Spring break: Week of March 19
  • March ???: informal performances of midterm projects, schedule TBA
  • April 6: Dress rehearsal for big show!
  • April 7: Big show in Richardson!
  • May ???: Showcase of final projects


COS/MUS 314 Info

Prof. Fiebrink's office hours

My office hours will be Monday from 1:30-3:30. If I need to reschedule any week, I will post to piazza.

My office is room 408 in the Computer Science building, which is attached to the Friend center. The easiest way to find it is to take the CS building elevator to the 4th floor, then veer left down the hallway.

Jascha Narveson's office hours

3:00-5:00 Tuesdays (after 314) in room 219.

Tentative class schedule


Please submit Assignments in Blackboard unless the instructions say otherwise. We'll often use Blackboard to give you feedback on your assignments, as well.

  • Assignment 1: due 2/13/12, 11:59pm
  • Assignment 2: due 2/21/12, 11:59pm
  • Assignment 3: due 2/29/12, 11:59pm
  • Assignment 4: due 3/7/12, 11:59pm

Code resources

MUS 316 Info

316 office hours


Tentative class schedule


Rehearsal Groups and Schedules

Code Links

Mini Orchestras

1: singers/movers

    Rebecca leads    
    pieces: Perry, Anne, Lainie
 1. Minh Tam Trinh
 2. Sarah Strenio 
 3. Hannah Kronenberg 
 4. Shu Haur Tang
 5. Avneesh Sarwate
 6. Nikitas Tampakis
 7. Samantha Gebb  

2: buttons and boxes and stuff

    Jeff leads
    pieces: Konrad, Jeff
 1. Riley Thomasson 
 2. Charles Evans
 3. Iris Chang
 4. Evan Leichter
 5. Hana Shin
 6. Daniel Chyan
 7. Kenrick Rilee

3: keyboardists

    Jascha/Dan leads
    pieces: Michael, Dan
 1. Abulhair Saparov
 2. Isaac Julian
 3. Christina Hummel
 4. Travis Henry
 5. Kynan Rilee
 6. Ben Siegfried