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General Information

Welcome to COS/MUS 314 for Spring 2013. You will be assimilated into PLOrk, resistance is futile.

In addition to YOU, the following are involved in teaching these courses:

  • Daniel Iglesia, Visiting Lecturer/ Visiting Director of PLOrk
  • Jeffrey Snyder, Technical Director, Princeton Computer Music Studios, Associate Director of PLOrk
  • Konrad Kaczmarek, graduate student, Assistant Director of PLOrk

Other Important People whose names will come up

  • Perry Cook and Dan Trueman, professors and PLOrk founders
  • Ge Wang, PLOrk founder, creator of ChucK, now leads rival Stanford LOrk
  • Rebecca Fiebrink, CS professor and PLOrk expert

Laptop Configuration

In an astounding break from previous semesters, we will _not_ be doing the initial plork computer setup. We hope that all pieces will instead be double-clickable standalone applications. It is a big hope. We'll see how it goes, this may change!



Precepts WILL be held the first week of class!!

  • Precepts (actually the real lecture) on TUESDAYS from 7:30-9:20pm, Woolworth 106 (for 314) and Studio B (second floor, for 316)
  • WEDNESDAY rehearsal from 1:30-4:20pm, McAlpin and other rooms in Woolworth, when we break into smaller groups.

Important Dates

  • Class begins: February 5
  • Spring break: Week of March 18
  • April 24rd: dress rehearsal and performance in Taplin Auditorium
  • May 18: final project presentations (public event)


  • PLOrk Reader; lots and lots of reading relevant to PLOrk and this seminar in general. please add as you see fit, and ask us for the password for protected papers if you can't guess it.
  • Be sure you're on the PLOrk314-316 mailing list.
  • See the extensive list of resources at the Fall 2007 Wiki for starters.

COS/MUS 314 Info

office hours

  • Dan I. (daniel.iglesia AT gmail )will be in Princeton on Tuesdays and WEdnesdays. Office hours will be before/after class by request/appointment.
  • Jeff: (josnyder AT princeton ) TBA
  • Konrad: (kkaczmar AT princeton) TBA

Tentative precept schedule

There is a lot of new stuff coming into PLOrk practice this year (pieces! LANdini! MobMuPlat! all-standalones!) and so this is very subject to change


Please submit Assignments in Blackboard unless the instructions say otherwise.

  • Assignment 1: due 2/11/13
  • Assignment 2: due 2/18/13
  • Assignment 3: due 2/26/13
  • Assignment 4 (midterm): due 3/11/13