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== General Information ==
== Plans ==
Welcome to COS/MUS 314 for Spring 2014. Resistance is futile.
* Mobile Percussion Parade
* Performance with Robot Arm
In addition to YOU, the following are involved in teaching this course:
== Important Dates ==
* Jeffrey Snyder, Technical Director, Princeton Computer Music Studios, Director of PLOrk, Associate Research Scholar
*Taplin Concert: TBD
* Katie Wolf, PhD Candidate, Computer Science
* Dave Molk, PhD Candidate, Music Composition
Other Important People whose names will come up
* Perry Cook and Dan Trueman, professors and PLOrk founders
* Ge Wang, PLOrk founder, creator of ChucK, now leads rival Stanford LOrk
* Rebecca Fiebrink, CS professor and PLOrk expert
* Dan Iglesia, former visiting lecturer and computer music guru
== Laptop Configuration ==
Download Chuck at [http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu] and purchase Max at [http://cycling74.com/shop/individual-academic/]. Please purchase the 12-month authorization for $59.00. This cost is in lieu of a textbook, although we recommend purchasing the textbook in the resources section below.
== Schedule ==
=== Classes ===
* Lectures on Mondays and Wednesday from 3:00-4:20pm, Woolworth 106
=== Important Dates ===
* Class begins: February 3
* Spring break: Week of March 17
* TBD: final project presentations (public event)
== Resources ==
* Be sure you're on the [https://piazza.com piazza list].
* We recommend purchasing the eBook: Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists by Ajay Kapur, Perry Cook, Spencer Salazar, and Ge Wang which can be found [http://www.manning.com/kapur/ here].
* [[PLOrk Reader]]; lots and lots of reading relevant to PLOrk and this seminar in general. please add as you see fit, and ask us for the password for protected papers if you can't guess it.
* See the extensive list of resources at [http://wiki.cs.princeton.edu/index.php/PLOrk_fall2007#Basic_Resources the Fall 2007 Wiki] for starters.
== COS/MUS 314 Info ==
=== office hours ===
*Jeff: (josnyder AT princeton ) by appointment
*Katie: (kewolf AT princeton) by appointment
*Dave: (dmolk AT princeton) by appointment
=== Tentative lecture schedule ===
* 2/3: Intro to the ChucK Universe
** Brief intro to digital audio: sampling and analog/digital conversion
** Brief intro to miniAudicle & ChucK!
** Coding in ChucK 101
*** See Rebecca's [http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~fiebrink/314/2010/week1/chuck_basics.pdf handout on ChucK basics]
*** patches, unit generators, and the dac
*** primitive types (int, float) and numerical constants
*** calling functions of UGens
*** the Std.mtof special function
*** controlling time in ChucK
***[http://music.columbia.edu/~daniglesia/plork2013/class1/BasicOsc.ck BasicOsc]
***[http://music.columbia.edu/~daniglesia/plork2013/class1/BasicOsc2.ck BasicOsc2]
***[http://music.columbia.edu/~daniglesia/plork2013/class1/BasicOsc3.ck BasicOsc3]
***[http://music.columbia.edu/~daniglesia/plork2013/class1/BasicOsc4.ck BasicOsc4]
***[http://music.columbia.edu/~daniglesia/plork2013/class1/kicksnarehat.zip zip file of kick,snare,hat]
** Listening Assignment 1 assigned, due 2/5/14 by class time
** Programming Assignment 1 assigned, due 2/9/14 at 11:59PM
* 2/5: Electronic Music History Part 1 and synthesis
**Discussion of listening assignment
** Listening Assignment 2 assigned, due 2/12/14 by class time
* 2/10: Further ChucK and synthesis
**lots of synth stuff, filters, lfos, envelope
***[http://music.columbia.edu/~daniglesia/plork2013/class2/additive.ck additive (not super exciting)]
***[http://music.columbia.edu/~daniglesia/plork2013/class2/subtractive1.ck subtractive1]
***[http://music.columbia.edu/~daniglesia/plork2013/class2/subtractive2.ck subtractive2]
** while loops, a little more with time
** Programming Assignment 2 assigned, due 2/16/14 at 11:59PM
=== Listening Assignments ===
* Listening Assignment 1: due 2/5/14
*** [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghDpcGuUUm4 Wendy Carlos, Switched on Bach]
*** [http://youtu.be/Ec_3U1va_HQ?t=10m28s J.S. Bach, Two part invention No. 8 in F] Only listen to No. 8.
*** [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPsL6J41T-g Matmos, Les Folies Françaises]
*** [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy9pgU_pAHw François Couperin - Les Folies Françaises] Only the Les Folies Françaises not including les Dominos.
**See piazza post for additional details
* Listening Assignment 2: due 2/12/14
**See piazza post for details
=== Programming Assignments ===
* Assignment 1: due 2/10/13
** [link tbd]

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  • Mobile Percussion Parade
  • Performance with Robot Arm

Important Dates

  • Taplin Concert: TBD