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each PLOrk station == laptop + rack + hemispherical speaker + software:


all 15 stations have:

all mounted in a rack:

see parts list for cable/adapter

see the assembly line for cool pics that Ge took!

and then:

  • 1 12" Powerbook, 1.5ghz, 512meg RAM, 60gig harddrive, OSX10.4.2
    • we are getting approx 6 new MacBooks each year, with specs better than above
  • 1 6-channel hemispherical speaker, hard-wired to channels 1-6 of the Edirol
  • 1 powerbook g4, 12", 1.5ghz, 512mg RAM (purchased august 2005)
  • 1 2-button mouse with scroll wheel
  • 1 zabuton cotton mat (washable) and 1 sangha pillow (for sitting); lots of good colors!
  • 1 lapinator lapdesk (holds both laptop and has room for mouse)
    • NOTE: we will not have desks/chairs! standing is, of course, possible, but the default performance mode for PLOrk will be sitting on the mats/pillows with the laptops on the lapinators (say like you are Arnold S.) or on the rack to the side of each player (depends on the physical mode of interaction).

for transporting:

  • 1 Porter Case, for holding the laptop and transporting the rack and hemisphere/pillow/mat (in a fairly large hard-shell tom-tom case). each "kit" (rack, hemi, laptop) is portable by a single person, and will be packed/unpacked by each PLOrk-er.

all stations share:

we can get more sensors as needed; these are just to give us some things to play with. the Teaboxes are mounted in the racks, connected to the Edirols via optical SPDIF.

  • 5 Edirol PCR30 miniature keyboard controllers (USB powered).
  • 5 m-audio FingerTrigger interfaces (also USB powered).
  • 5 (well, 3, but we'll buy two more) headset mics.
  • 3 small condensor mics with tabletop shockmount stands. we will be getting several more stands, and have access to many more mics if desired.
  • 6 joysticks.
  • 6 Wacom graphics tablets (6x8, Intuos style).

we will get more HCI gear, depending on the pieces people work up. your thoughts and suggestions are welcome here!


all laptops will have:

  • max/msp (with many 3rd party externals, including PeRColate, RTCmix, others...; the installation will be updatable via CVS each week in class, so additions can be made easily)
    • i will also be creating a library of abstractions for doing some soon-to-be-common PLOrk activities that all are welcome to use. abstractions for mapping control signals in particular, among other things. (dt)
  • ChucK
  • SuperCollider 3
  • Audacity
  • Soundhack
  • can't remember what else; suggestions?
    • how about sndpeek? (ge)
    • more toys to play with sndtools (ge)
      • yeah definitely; why don't you install these on the "mother ship" when you do the ChucK install? (dt)
        • sounds good - let's do that! (ge)

ok, that's all for now. (dt)