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[[Chain Link Fence]]
[[Chain Link Fence]]
[[The Public Commons]]
[[News Stand]]
[[News Stand]]
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'''[[Putbeli Isle]]'''
'''[[Putbeli Isle]]'''
===Ring 9===
[[Oyster Shells]]

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  • Anagrams [1]
  • Regular Expressions [2]
  • Reverse Dictionary Lookup (See "Mentioned In") [3]


Ring 8

Stock Exchange

Chain Link Fence

News Stand

Good Times Arcade


Putbeli Isle

Ring 9

Oyster Shells



  1. Mahatma Gandhi - Clam Shack -> Lobster Shack or Porto Gordo.
  2. Don Juan - Film Shop -> Garden or Portico
  3. Elvis Presley - Table 36 -> Back of Bar or Prep Area.
  4. Jacob Marley - Light Traffic -> Bus Station or Grover Stand
  5. Marvin - Thin Mud -> Muddy Trail or Ooky Muck
  6. Galileo - Divided Wall -> The Maze or Map Vendor
  7. Kurt Cobain - Fireworks Display -> Concessions or Clowns


Ring 1

Dance Marathon (DONE)

Boxstep (DONE)

Do the Robot (DONE)

Cutting the Rug (DONE)

The Hustle (DONE)

The Twist (DONE)

Ring Around the Rosie (DONE)

Foxtrot Tango (DONE)

Hokey Pokey (DONE)

Dance Party (DONE)

Ring 1 Solutions

Ring 2

Teresas Puzzle (DONE)

Stans Puzzle (DONE)

Lotties Puzzle (DONE)

Harolds Puzzle (DONE)

Nates Puzzle (DONE)

Opies Puzzle (DONE)

Sophias Puzzle (DONE)

Ophelias Puzzle (DONE)

Lizzies Puzzle (DONE)

Milts Puzzle (DONE)

Helenas Puzzle (DONE)

Moogs Puzzle (DONE)

Alishas Puzzle (DONE)

Rogers Puzzle (DONE)

Passionate Lovers (DONE)

Ring 2 Solutions

Ring 3

Letters From Hormel (DONE)

Trivia Garden (DONE)

The Orrery (DONE)

Stretching Exercise (DONE)

Whos Your Daddy (DONE)

Nothing But Net (DONE)

Credit Card Fraud (DONE)

Dressed to the Nines (DONE)

Billie Sings the Blues (DONE)

Shiny Diamonds (DONE)

Cut and Save (DONE)

Acts of Congress (DONE)

Bon Appetit (DONE)

Ring 3 Solutions

Ring 4

Jagged Little Pill (DONE)

Speakerboxxx (DONE)

Monster (DONE)

Centerfold (DONE)

Faith (DONE)

Whats Going On (DONE)

Born To Run (DONE)

Foolish Game (DONE)

Timepieces (DONE)

Air Supply (DONE)

Domino (DONE)

On the Road Again (DONE)

Ring 4 Solutions

Ring 5

The Pointy Haired Boss (DONE)

Bob the Dinosaur (DONE)

Yorgi the Elbonian (DONE)

Wally (DONE)

Catbert (DONE)

Dilberts Mom (DONE)

Alice (DONE)

Dogbert (DONE)

The Worlds Smartest Garbage Man (DONE)

Mordac the Preventer (DONE)

Tina the Technical Writer (DONE)

Ratbert (DONE)

Fun in the Mud (DONE)

Ring 6

The Ship of Theseus (DONE)

Seven Men and Seven Women (DONE)

King Minos Workhorse (DONE)

String Theory (DONE)

Bull (DONE)

Stranger In a Strange Land (DONE)

All Cretans Are Statisticians (DONE)

Lost in the Maze (DONE)

Ring 6 Solutions

Ring 7

Elephant (DONE)

Acrobats (DONE)

Concessions (DONE)

High Wire Act (DONE)

The Trapeze Artist (DONE)

The Clowns (DONE)

Three Ring Circus (DONE)

Ring 7 Solutions

Ring 8

Library (DONE)

Area 50 (DONE)

Candy Store (DONE)

The Movie Theater (DONE)