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[[Opies Puzzle]] (DONE)
[[Opies Puzzle]] (DONE)
[[Sophias Puzzle]] (DONE)
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[[Milts Puzzle]]
[[Milts Puzzle]]
[[Sophias Puzzle]]
[[Passionate Lovers]]

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Dance Marathon (DONE)

Boxstep (DONE)

Do the Robot (DONE)

Cutting the Rug (DONE)

The Hustle (DONE)

The Twist (DONE)

Ring Around the Rosie (DONE)

Foxtrot Tango (DONE)

Hokey Pokey (DONE)

Dance Party (DONE)

Teresas Puzzle (DONE)

Stans Puzzle (DONE)

Lotties Puzzle (DONE)

Harolds Puzzle (DONE)

Nates Puzzle (DONE)

Opies Puzzle (DONE)

Sophias Puzzle (DONE)


Alishas Puzzle

Ophelias Puzzle

Lizzies Puzzle

Moogs Puzzle

Helenas Puzzle

Rogers Puzzle

Milts Puzzle

Passionate Lovers