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Raymond Weitekamp's Final Project: Beat Konducta

What is Beat Konducta?

Beat Konducta is a misleading name, I'm sorry. I wanted to name my program something badass, that would hint at the fact that it manipulates samples. So the name is a tribute to Madlib. Anyways...Beat Konducta is a program which allows a 'Konducta' to control recording and playback of LiSa buffers on an entire ensemble of computers, using a Monome interface. The Players can use any Chuck instrument, simply direct the sound output to the Beat Konducta class (in addition to dac). The Konducta's patch receives Monome data, and sends OSC messages over a network to any number of computers to control LiSa buffer recording and playback. Each computer is assigned to a row of the Monome, with the columns corresponding to grains of the buffer. A button press sporks a grain, and the Konducta can record patterns of presses and play back these patterns. In this way, the Konducta can create a textural layers or rhythmic patterns based on re-sampling the ensemble's output while the ensemble plays along. Think of it as a hands on munger (see munger2.ck). The volume of each player's buffer can also be controlled, to accent or hide certain players' buffers. Because these buffers exist on each Player's computer, the Beat Konducta can manipulate the grains spatially.

Using Beat Konducta

Download Beat Konducta

  • Warning: YOU MUST HAVE THE LATEST VERSION OF CHUCK. ChucKscape.ck dynamically allocates arrays. Older versions of ChucK won't let you do this. Compile the new version from the CVS source.

Questions, comments, concerns?

Email rweiteka@princeton.edu