Ring Around the Rosie

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Puzzle Boat



One way is down, other is diagonal.

f j v n t d s c r l b c p w h
i u o e i a u o a e a a o a
l n r c s m r n n s n n s s l
l k t t k p r d c n s d t k v
e e e a e e e o i e e i e e
t d x r t r y r d s s t s d

One Way

  1. tisket
  2. pastor/priest?
  3. junked
  4. halved/forked?
  5. surrey
  6. lenses
  7. ribbon
  8. putrid/rancid?
  9. worker?
  10. ------
  11. outlaw
  12. castes
  13. nectar
  14. midway
  15. funnel/squall/vortex?
  16. condor

The Other

  1. basket
  2. walker?
  3. boxers/hanes?
  4. dunces
  5. furter
  6. excise
  7. braved?
  8. cassis
  9. pollex
  10. nimrod
  11. vesper
  12. tardis
  13. allude
  14. sonnet
  15. mentor