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Stephanie's Final Project: Mood Circles



Mood Circles is a user interface built upon the idea of moods. It has a panel of mood circles on the bottom that are all associated with a number of songs that evoke that mood. After clicking on a mood, a larger display of the mood will display, and you have the options to click on "play," "stop," "previous," and "play."

The songs are chosen mostly based upon lyrics, concentrating on title name and the types of words that appear in the songs.

Download Mood Circles

The code was written in Processing and in ChucK. In order to download processing, go to In order for the messaging to work between Miniaudicle and Processing, you need to go to: Put the osp5 folder in your processing folder, preferably where your sketches are held, and it should work.

You can download the code here:

Unfortunately, this processing application is very heavy and thus will make your computer run very hard. I would suggest that you add the shred first for the chuck file and THEN run the Processing code. Make sure that the downloaded songs are stored under the correct path under a folder named "Songs."

When clicking on "previous," or "play," you should click "stop" first.

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