Symmetry Analogies

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This is a discussion page for symmetry-space editing framework. People currently involved in this project are: Vladimir Kim, Yaron Lipman and Thomas Funkhouser. Feel free to contact us if you would like to participate. Some unorganized examples can be found here.

Examples Taxonomy

Types of input

  • f Deformable image
    • f1 One smooth image s.t. all of its parts are smoothly related via some transformation. E.g. face, human pose,
    • f2 Disconnected components related by some transformation. E.g. windows, leafs, cars in the traffic
  • g Target symmetry image
    • g1 Real image. E.g. same as f1, but with different subject.
    • g2 Synthetic (perfect) shape. E.g. Perfect oval, plane of symmetry
    • g3 None. E.g. Target is defined via symmetry maximization/minimization.

Types of deformations

  • D1 Smooth curve control points. E.g. piecewise linear coords, human pose angles, mesh cage coordinates...