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Welcome to the Tool and Algorithms for Compilers and Languages (TACL) Seminar of the Computer Science department of Princeton University.

Potential Topics

  • Compilers
  • Program optimization
  • Program analysis
  • Compiler-hardware interfaces
  • Run-time systems
  • Virtual machines
  • Type systems
  • Domain-specific programming languages
  • Program logics, or logics in general,
  • Software engineering and language design,
  • Programming language semantics
  • Language-based security.



Mailing List

Seminars are also announced on the TACL mailing list. If you are giving a talk, send your abstract to the list a day or so in advance.

Fall '06 Schedule

Date Speaker Title Links
Sep ?? TBA TBA Abstract Paper Slides
Oct 19 New Jersey Programming Languages and Systems Seminar (NJPLS)

Previous Seminars