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General Information

Graduate Seminar, Fall 2010 Trinity College Dublin Dan Trueman

What this year-long bi-weekly seminar ends up being will depend on participant interest. Possible subjects include:

  • laptops and performance
  • rhythm, meter and machines
  • networks, local and distance
  • instrument building, including:
    • output: speaker design
    • input: sensors, controllers, hacked thingies, touch surfaces, etc...
    • mapping: explicit, new machine learning approaches (implicit), etc...
    • synthesis
    • signal processing
    • coding
    • the notion of "composed instruments"
    • and much more
  • transmission and notation
  • and whatever else comes up!

I'd like this to function in part as a pro-seminar, where participants share their own work over the course of the year and get feedback from others. It can also end up partially hands-on, where we build/hack/code things together or in groups. Let's see what happens!!


  • names, email addresses (bot obscured)....

Basic Resources

books and other readings

some online places with laptop music (seminar members: please add to this!)

campus stuff

  • if you haven't visited Perry's soundlab do so!
  • Perry's Human-Computer Interfacing course is also relevant.
  • there is a machine shop class offered in the Engineering Quad; useful primarily for metal-working, though wood and plastic is also possible. contact Larry McIntyre about taking this 5-week course to get access to the shop and learn your way around.

microcontroller and sensor stuff

places to get stuff


  • ChucK
  • max/msp/jitter
  • Processing
  • DarwiinRemote_OSC Andreas Schlegel's OSC version of the Wii-sensing DarwiinRemote software (OSX). Comes with a really annoying ChucK code example, which i've modified to a MAUI version which posts incoming data to sliders.
  • intro to UNIX
  • Version of textwrangler hacked for ChucK. in the Preferences, do this: 1. select "languages"; 2. under "Suffix Mappings," hit the "Add" button; 3. set the suffix to ".ck" and under "language" choose C++. Basically, i hacked it to that it uses ChucK keywords instead of C++ keywords, so it'll be confusing if you actually try to hack C++ with this app. but you can always have two copies of Textwrangler and rename one of them. ChuckWranger?

Tentative Schedule and post-Seminar Notes

Week 1: 9/18

Week 2: 9/25