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General Information

Graduate Seminar, Fall 2010 into Spring 2011

Trinity College Dublin Music Department

Dan Trueman

What this year-long bi-weekly seminar ends up being will depend on participant interest.

Possible subjects

  • laptops and performance
  • networks, local and distance
  • instrument building, including:
    • output: speaker design
    • input: sensors, controllers, hacked thingies, touch surfaces, etc...
    • mapping: explicit, new machine learning approaches (implicit), etc...
    • synthesis
    • signal processing
    • programming: ChucK, Max/MSP, Processing, others...
    • the notion of "composed instruments"
    • and much more
  • rhythm, meter, time, perception and machines
  • algorithms, technology, and composition/creativity
  • transmission and notation
  • we could become a band and make up and play some music together?
  • or not...
  • and whatever else comes up!

I'd like this to function in part as a pro-seminar, where participants share their own work over the course of the year and get feedback from others. It can also end up partially hands-on, where we build/hack/code things together or in groups. Let's see what happens!!


  • Dan Trueman, dtrueman AT
  • names, email addresses (bot obscured), of everyone else


Week 1: 14/10/2010

Week 2: 28/10/2010

  • try out some PLOrk classics, and check out documentation of prior performances:
    • Droner
    • CliX
    • Crystalis?
    • On The Floor?
    • Network Cycler?
  • thoughts about website browsing and/or readings from last session?
  • what next?
  • CAN WE DO next week 4/11 instead of the following week (when i'll be in Norway)?

Week 3: 4/11/2010 (note: only one week between this and prior meeting)

  • continued with PLOrk classics, with some speakers
  • began looking at ChucK

Week 4: 18/11/2010

  • please pick up a speaker at MMT beforehand? powerstrips? also, need to work out cabling...
    • if you have any extra Macbook and can do the LOrk setup and bring it, that'd be great. i will bring 1-2 extras.
  • members try their hand conducting versions of Droner and CliX (think about this beforehand a bit)
  • let's also try beepsh. to download:
    • go to PLOrk pieces directory
    • download
    • unzip and put it in YOUR PLOrk/pieces directory
    • download PLOrk bin directory
    • unzip it, and replace your PLOrk/bin directory with it
    • in the PLOrk/pieces/beepsh directory, double-click on "beepsh_gui"; it may ask you to confirm that you want to open it, which you should do.
    • quit that; we did that just to make sure it opens ok
    • in the Terminal, type "beepsh.2" which should open the beepsh client.
  • some discussion about instruments, laptops, and ideas you all might have for pieces for laptop ensembles
  • future Dublin Laptop Orchestra discussion?
  • more ChucK?

Week 5: 2/12/2010

  • interface day bring in a bunch of stuff to mess with for "control"
  • mapping
  • intro to Wekinator
  • SNOWED OUT: POSTPONED to next term

Week 6: 9/12/2010 (note: only one week between this and prior meeting)

  • dan will share some recent work, and get under the hood to dig into how some of it works. depending on how things go, i may also get into the piece i'm currently working on for Crash.