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This directory contains Facebook data files. Please refer to libs/corpora/facebook for libraries useful for dealing with this data. Tools in libs/scrapers were used to obtain the files in this directory.

The files in this directory are:

  • userlist. A list of user ids which were found using Facebook's browse feature (automated via a Firefox extension) and processed using
  • userprofiles. The main database of user profile information. For each entry in userlist, various fields are fetched. The format of this file is as a series of records of profiles. Each profile begins with the user id and then is followed with each field and its value separated by a colon. New fields always start a new line. Note that some fields may be multiline so take care when parsing.
  • users/. This subdirectory contains the raw data as fetched by the extension. You should not need to use this except to generate userlist.