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For feature requests and such. (Check out the history up to version

So, what more do you want?

  • more obvious ways to quit and toggle fullscreen
  • make text more readable or easier to scale globally
  • have sliders snap to values (optionally)
  • during synthesis, reverse a template
  • plug-in-ability : reserved for special effects
  • panning across more than 2 channels
  • assign channels to templates through GUI
  • ability to specify rhythm in loops or other templates
  • have changes to loops and other templates immediately be reflected in mixed bags
  • use height on timeline to display different template parameters like pan
  • built-in OSC handler/support
  • run synthesis in much-faster-than-real-time mode, for recording purposes, or for fast-forwarding to specific points in scripts
  • more coordination between taps and ChucK
  • load entire directory of templates in synthesis face
  • load files from command line
  • save projects
  • save templates from synthesis face as wav files
  • dissonance
  • store more information, especially analysis parameters, in .tap files : under construction

  • show the current value of the slider when its range is visible : mostly existed, more coming soon
  • when making a copy, name it something else : coming soon
  • zoom in on spectrogram, at least on the lower half : coming soon
  • loading files of different sample rates : sort of in
  • more than 2 channels : in
  • run synthesis in no-gui mode : initial version done
  • documentation for chuck taps API : now exists

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