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  • we start documenting things as much as possible, including screenshots, brief videos, audio examples, and didactic um sampleprojects. Obviously having good documentation is essential.
  • post link to mailing list (when it's ready, probably tomorrow)
  • after we hear back from SIGGRAPH and ICMC, we post the pdf (probably pending acceptance from SIGGRAPH)
  • make examples, maybe dedicating a page for each, and also make a separate page to list the examples.
  • MDH intends to make a classification interface in his ample spare time


  • refactor the build tree (probably combine treesynth/ts/, v1/, and ui/)
  • rename files add GPL headers
  • keep fixing bugs
  • finish defining and implementing the taps API in chuck
  • might as well restructure the treesynth logistics somehow...
  • start PR (post to the major lists: music-dsp, music-ir, etc.)
  • internal release, with presentation to woolworth dwellers


  • code cleanup, refactor if beneficial for long time
  • keep adding features, especially those on research agenda
  • keep working with composers


  • release 1.0!!!
  • make a video tutorial
  • massive PR (music-dsp, music-ir, linux-audio-*, microsound, and other experimental music lists, get the composers to help us publicize) (linux. right.)

ICMC and beyond

  • (someone's out of control)
  • killer presentation and continue PR
  • start supporting the user base, which should be giving us feedback to help improve the system/interface etc. (remind any users that this is the real world where they must fend for themselves.)
  • give presentations in local region (NYU, Columbia, Penn, PSU, dorkbot)
  • just the beginning!