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* piano, guitar, violin
* piano, guitar, violin
* HCI stuff (hitting, bending, shaking, etc)
* HCI stuff (hitting, bending, shaking, etc)
'''MR Daniel'''...
what '''anne hege''' has to offer:
what '''anne hege''' has to offer:

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mike early says: things i could do :

  • happy playing piano / keyboard in any way they'll make sound, notated or free (can play pretty well)
  • happy playing cello / guitar (more limited skills!)
  • happy singing
  • happy laptopping
  • happy hitting things / pushing buttons / breaking things / etc.

(instruments i have: cello, steel string acoustic guitar, 1 hacked toy (cartoon speech samples), keyboard, cheap ocarina)

John Fontein's list of offerings:

  • waking up late on a Friday afternoon
  • piano, guitar, violin
  • HCI stuff (hitting, bending, shaking, etc)

MR Daniel...

what anne hege has to offer:

  • vocals - with electronics or without
  • flute -
  • guitar - if someone lends one
  • basic piano

jascha narveson says: ...and I can:

  • push buttons
  • hit things
  • sing in a group (no solos, please!)

I can also play tabla, but I didn't bring mine to Princeton with me, so this is not useful unless you have an extra pair just lying around... note from DT: PRC has nice tablas that need to be tuned...

JN continues: oh yeah: i also own an electric guitar, but no amp. i like to doodle on it sometimes, and i used to actually play, like, years ago. it has 7 strings (a low B under the E), which i find amusing. i offer it up to TechBand either with me attached or just on its own.

cameron britt says: I can play percussions: standard orchestral stuff, keyboards, hand drums, other stuff. I also have some circuit bent toys I can play including a Speak and Math, "Voice Changer", and Barbie Karaoke.

andrea mazzariello says: I am happy to play drums (real drums or my sampling-pad kit), play the piano/ketyboard/synth badly, attempt both at once, speak, maybe sing.

samson young says: I am happy to - (in order of happiness associated with each task)

  • do live video
  • hit things, sing, and laptop things
  • play the piano badly. I also have a toy accordion...
  • play drones on the double bass

rebecca fiebrink says: I offer: flute and piano (normal or strange, but only one at a time), hitting things, pushing buttons and other electronics, laptop/coding, being (i.e., I can be sensed by sensors).

dan trueman begins:

  • am happy to play hardanger fiddle, either "normally" or in strange ways, amplified or not, notated or not.
  • am happy to play 6-string electric violin (two lower strings, C and F), notated or not.
  • am fine a singing in group and harmony situations.
  • am happy to hit things as needed
  • am happy to laptop things

and perry cook says...... huh?