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Tom's Final Project

What is Tom's Final Project?

Tom's Final Project is a project to exceed all previous projects of Tom. Leveraging the power of today's modern computing technologies, Tom's Final Project is the accumulation of several years of experience in creating projects using previously modern computing technologies. The result is something completely unexpected, yet entirely appropriate for this age of popular contrarian works.

I wrote two ChucK patches, instruments for use with the Trigger Finger control pads.

Don't look at those files. The code is HORRIBLE. But the audio they produce is very nice.

The first is polyphonic with nifty code to smartly handle envelopes, even when rapidly keying notes. You can read about that code in this post.

The second is a single drone which makes a "best effort" attempt to approach the requested pitches, but has a configurable "closeness factor" which adjusts approximately the rate at which it will climb. Giving this parameter extreme values results in wicked distortion.

Using Tom's Final Project

Please consult the README file for instructions on how to use Tom's Final Project. A file of this name can be found in many downloadable packages, none of which are linked here.

Questions, comments, concerns?

Tom Lieber
Princeton University, Class of 2009
Computer Science

For BEST WHEN USED BY information, please see date printed on top of package.