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! Know
! Know
| Cell 2 || A student knowing the answer raising his hand || Cell 4
| Cell 2 || A student knowing the answer raising his hand || For all verbs: Do we know anyone that does pantomime? Mimes are supposed to be perfect at acting out the meaning of a word succinctly.
! Get
! Get

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The table's caption
Verb Jordan's Great Idea Xiaojuan's Brilliant Idea Everybody Else's Mediocre Ideas
Know Cell 2 A student knowing the answer raising his hand For all verbs: Do we know anyone that does pantomime? Mimes are supposed to be perfect at acting out the meaning of a word succinctly.
Get Cell 2 Cell 3 Bad guy's order to deputies when hero breaks free and runs for life
Think Cell 2 Someone touching his chin/crouched against a wall/biting a pen/with fingers on his forehead Cell 4
Go Cell 2 Going out of a room Cell 4
See Cell 2 Pointing to something with eyes wide opened Cell 4
Come Cell 2 Coming into a room; coming up to a friend waving his hands Cell 4
Want Cell 2 Trying to reach something across the table; pointing at a gift behind the shopping window; Cell 4
Say Cell 2 Introducing something; talking Cell 4
Put Cell 2 Putting something on the table; putting on a coat Cell 4
Look Cell 2 Looking out of the window; looking throught microscope/magnifying glasses/binoculars Cell 4
Like Cell 2 Pointing to two similar thinks; someone showing he is fond of something Cell 4
Take Cell 2 Taking pictures; taking off clothes; taking something out of a bag Cell 4
Make Cell 2 Making faces; making a snowman/sand castle; making a cake/dish; doing make-up Cell 4
Give Cell 2 Handing someone something; giving a present Cell 4
Thank Cell 2 Hugging someone/grasping someone's hands for a gift; making a bow to the audience after the show Cell 4
Need Cell 2 Reaching out hands Cell 4
Remember Cell 2 Cell 3 Blank stare in exam hall loses some of its blankness
Find Cell 2 Bending down and picking up a pen under the chair; searching the draw; getting under the table and coming out with something in hand Cell 4
Buy Cell 2 Buy some product from a snack vendor Cell 4
Mind Cell 2 Cell 3 Lucy telling Linus it is bedtime
Pay Cell 2 Paying a meal/coffee with cash/by credit card Cell 4
Work Cell 2 Someone busy reading and writing with tons of papers piled up on his desk Cell 4
Let Cell 2 Someone stopped and let another person go first Cell 4
Keep Cell 2 Cell 3 Waving the cab-driver's Washingtons away
Hear Cell 2 Someone with headphones listening to music; whispering in the ear; Someone with his ear against the door/wall Cell 4
Eat Cell 2 Putting a hotdog into the mouth; sitting at the table with knife and fork in hands; holding a salad plate Cell 4
Use Cell 2 Cell 3 Absent-minded dining philosopher admonished with chopsticks
Try Cell 2 Jumping over and over again to reach something high; trying to lift a heavy box; trying on some shoes; have a taste of some food Cell 4
Ask Cell 2 Student raising his hand and asks a question; asking about a product in a store/the menu in a restaurant Cell 4
Leave Cell 2 Waving goodbye and leaving the room; watching a car driving away Cell 4
Play Cell 2 Playing chess/swingset/piano/baseball Cell 4
Bet Cell 2 Playing poker Roulette wheel
Start Cell 2 Runners in the starting blocks; starting a timer Cell 4
Sit Cell 2 Sitting in a chair/on the ground Cell 4
Feel Cell 2 Touching the surface of something; quickly dipping a finger into hot water; feeling cold and then holding arms trembling; putting hands on the chest, feeling moved Cell 4
Shut Cell 2 Closing the door/window; shut the mouth/eyes Cell 4
Stop Cell 2 Making a stop gesture; stop the traffic; showing a stop sign; stop a rolling ball Cell 4
Hope Cell 2 Someone praying/making a wish with eyes closed; keeping finger crossed; with arms outstretched Cell 4
Love Cell 2 A heart-shaped box of candy; man giving woman a flower; couple holding hands/hugging Cell 4
Wait Cell 2 People waiting in a line; someone walking back and forth waiting for elevator/redlight/bus; looking at watch/playing with fingers from time to time Cell 4
Help Cell 2 Giving a hand to pull someone up from the ground; Reaching something on top of a shelf for a short person; Helping to unfasten a knot on the back; Helping to lift a heavy box Cell 4
Bring Cell 2 Bring some dishes onto the table Cell 4
Stay Cell 2 Holding a leaving man's arm to make him stay Cell 4
Pick Cell 2 Someone bending down and picking something up; picking a pen/an apple out of several Cell 4
Worry Cell 2 Someone with hands on face/head in hands; standing up and sitting down from time to time; pulling hair Cell 4
Wonder Cell 2 Someone standing and thinking; holding his glasses and touching his chin Cell 4
Call Cell 2 Making a phone call; yelling Cell 4
Write Cell 2 Writing with a pen Cell 4
Turn Cell 2 A hand turning dial; Someone turning around/turning his head; spinning something Cell 4
Read Cell 2 Someone reading a book/newspaper Cell 4