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A group that does stuff and talks about related things.


All corpora are located at /n/fs/topics/corpora. The subdirectories are:


Commonly used libraries/tools can be found in /n/fs/topics/lib. It contains the following subdirectories:


The script found at /n/fs/topics/topics.sh sets up the environment. It should be sourced within your .bashrc. It sets up the following:

  • CVS_RSH=ssh
  • CVSROOT=:ext:$CVSUSER-wnp@cvs.cs.princeton.edu:/cvs
  • LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/n/fs/topics/lib/boost_1_33_1/boost/bin/boost/libs/python/build/libboost_python.so/gcc/release/shared-linkable-true
  • MINIPATH=/n/fs/topics/lib/minipar/data
  • R_LIBS=/n/fs/topics/lib/rlib-`hostname -s`:$R_LIBS
  • PYTHONPATH=/n/fs/topics/lib/pywordnet-2.0.1/build/lib
  • WNHOME=/n/fs/topics/lib/WordNet-2.1

Current Active Projects (Needs to be updated)

Current Discussion Topics (Needs to be updated)