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A group that does stuff and talks about related things.


All corpora are located at /n/fs/topics/corpora. The subdirectories are:


Commonly used libraries/tools can be found in /n/fs/topics/lib. It contains the following subdirectories:


The script found at /n/fs/topics/topics.sh sets up the environment. It should be sourced within your .bashrc. In order for the CVSROOT setup to work, you must export CVSUSER before sourcing this file. It sets up the following:

  • CVS_RSH=ssh
  • CVSROOT=:ext:$CVSUSER-wnp@cvs.cs.princeton.edu:/cvs
  • LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/n/fs/topics/lib/boost_1_33_1/boost/bin/boost/libs/python/build/libboost_python.so/gcc/release/shared-linkable-true
  • MINIPATH=/n/fs/topics/lib/minipar/data
  • R_LIBS=/n/fs/topics/lib/rlib-`hostname -s`
  • PYTHONPATH=/n/fs/topics/lib/pywordnet-2.0.1/build/lib
  • WNHOME=/n/fs/topics/lib/WordNet-2.1


Current Active Projects (Needs to be updated)

Current Discussion Topics (Needs to be updated)