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ChucK Tools in Developement

Here are some programs/tools developed for ChucK. Feel free to post more.

ChucK Environments

  • ye Audicle, OpenGL ChucK IDE / Visualizer ( OS X, Windows )
  • ye miniAudicle, lightweight Chuck IDE ( currently OS X only )
  • ChucK text editor (XP) : Jon Fisher
  • OSCSurface, editor and a surface with basic widgets over OSC : Joerg Piringer [1]

ChucK Editing

  • ChucK Syntax Highlighting: small syntax highlighting script for the JOE editor (available for Unix, Linux and Mac OS X): Andreas Brandmaier
  • Smallest_ChucK_IDE_Ever : small python script to edit a chuck script using SciTE and auto-rerun it when the file changes. : paniq
  • ChucK Emacs Mode : A major mode for editing .ck files and for controlling a running ChucK process from Emacs : Mikael Johansson
  • Recent chuck-mode.el : Graham's changes to above
  • ck.vim: vim syntax highlighting for .ck files
  • ChucKML: ChucK Markup Language