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Some ChucK-related projects in progress... please add your own.

  • Chuck Onine Collaboration Project I'm looking at setting up a computer that runs chuck and allow other to enter the computer that run chuck and on there code to the ongoing stream in hopes to create a chuck online collaboration that will be steamed 24/7 for other to listen to project..if intrested please contact me
  • plork : Princeton Laptop Orchestra is using ChucK for teaching and performance.
  • S.M.E.L.T. : toolkit for building laptop instruments
  • Loscha (Edward r Jones) is writing about his experiments and experiences using ChucK on his website This page features his own ChucK logo, made from actual Runcible Spoons (known as Sporks to most of us).
  • Breakage. Ollie Glass is developing an artificially intelligent drum machine using ChucK. Breakage uses Java with ChucK as an underlying sequencer engine for stable timing, communicating via OSC.
  • the Cyclotron: nutty tool by Dan Trueman for messing with metric cycles, using Processing as a front-end.
  • Joe McMahon is writing an OS X application using ChucK, Applescript Studio, and Perl to play and record the chimes [1] from the Clock of the Long Now[2]. First version is available at the EMUSIC-L site.

  • Robin Davies is writing useful extension UGens. Current plans: band-limited oscillators, and VST hosting. Once Chuck's support for external DLLs is resurrected, these extensions will be posted publicly.
  • TAPESTREA, a new tool and paradigm for sound design uses ChucK as the scripting engine for real-time control and additional synthesis.
  • Gary Williams has started a blog Beginning ChucK to promote learning and documentation of ChucK. (chuckles: just wanted to add a quick note (2007 May 16) - this blog hasn't been updated since late 2005 (at chuck version but there is still a lot of good info and examples there.)
  • Les Hall wrote a simple application in ChucK called Guitar Lab, which uses Boolean Sequencing to make guitar riffs. He also wrote another application in ChucK called Synth Lab, which emulates a hardware modular synthesizer. Both are MAUI apps.