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  • As a [[ChucK/Users chuck user], please write a bit about your experiences in and thoughts about using chuck...

Hmm. Why?

  • It's good to know what people are working on!
  • Ge is writing his thesis!
  • The developers would really like to know!
  • Eventually it would be good to make a page showcasing works

Some possible modes of feedback:

  • text describing and evaluating your chuck experiences so far
    • how does the language affect how you work? (or does it?)
    • what are you doing with it? (and how's that going?)
    • overall evaluation or thoughts?
      • the good
      • the bad
      • and the ugly
  • Any audio, images, video, links to works etc...
  • Post to the wiki, chuck-users, or email Ge and Perry directly
  • Feel free to also add to the ChucK/Projects page

Thanks!!! (and keep on chuckin')