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==[[ChucK]] Projects==
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'''Gary Williams''' has started a blog '''''[http://b-chuck.blogspot.com/ Beginning ChucK]''''' to promote learning and documentation of ChucK.
'''Joe McMahon''' is writing an OS X application using ChucK, Applescript Studio, and Perl to play and record the chimes [http://interglacial.com/d/clock] from the Clock of the Long Now[http://www.g4tv.com/screensavers/features/47159/Can_Brian_Eno_Reinvent_the_Future.html]. First [http://ibiblio.org/emusic-l/LNC.dmg.gz version] is available at the EMUSIC-L [http://ibiblio.org/emusic-l/ site].
'''Robin Davies''' is writing useful extension UGens. Current plans: band-limited oscillators, and VST hosting. Once Chuck's support for external DLLs is resurrected, these extensions will be posted publicly.

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