Letters From Hormel

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All of the subject lines are Monty Python's Flying Circus episode titles

1.1 Whither Canada? Toughest D. Reap Hardest/Harvest V
1.2 Sex and Violence Opposite S. Daydream Reverse/Reverie I
1.4 Owl-Stretching Time Factious W. Girandole Warring/Earring E
1.7 You're No Fun Anymore Foolish L. See Witless/Witness N
1.8 Full Frontal Nudity Indignation D. Prison N
1.12 The Naked Ant Disturbance R. Sale A
1.13 Intermission Roars E. Waves
2.1 Dinsdale Branch P. Purer Chapter/Chaster S
2.6 School Prizes Tripping L. Defect Falling/Failing I
2.9 How to recognize different parts of the body Panther P. Tights Leopard/Leotard T
2.11 How Not To Be Seen Summon T. Hard-Hearted
3.4 Blood, Devastation, Death, War and Horror Computer-simulated R. Food Virtual/Victual C
3.6 The War Against Pornography Reinforce L. Braggart Bolster/Boaster A
3.9 The Nude Man Stretchy E. Fake Elastic/Plastic P
3.12 A Book At Bedtime Performance R. Egotism Concert/Conceit I
4.2 Michael Ellis Flooded W. Imprinted Swamped/Stamped T
4.3 Light entertainment war Verbatim I. Side-to-side Literal/Lateral A
4.6 Party Political Broadcast Sibling R. Whorehouse Brother/Brothel L