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Good to Have

  • (feature name, desc) - (platforms) - (submitted by)
  • Show/hide toggle for VM and Console windows. (Windows)
  • It should be possible to call miniAudicle with the same command line options as with chuck - linux/all platforms - User:Atte
  • ability to link to chuck as a shared library
  • Sample search path follows the shred, like as in Audicle. (Windows/all)
    • This isn't really possible without support in ChucK; miniAudicle has no control over shreds (besides OTF commands) once they are in the VM
  • Configurable hotkeys and auto-replace patterns. (Windows/all)
  • Ability to execute currently selected code with the Enter key, a la SuperCollider (spencer)
  • CPU percentage (spencer)
  • class browser (spencer)
  • more advanced shred management interface (ability to +/=/- arbitrary shreds) (spencer)
  • some way of easily and quickly adding multiple shreds simultaneously (spencer)
  • Audicle-like features in miniAudicle editor (spencer)
  • GUI elements for Windows/Linux
  • visible save state
  • mechanism to override preference items from command line
  • integration with select/middle-click copy+paste
  • fix bug where miniAudicle access a different file if CWD and the miniAudicle current directory are different
  • .deb package file
  • fix all auto-indentation issues, especially in windows/linux
  • make console monitor forward keyboard hits to KBHit
  • inline documentation
  • code completion
  • after file open, move focus to text editing area
  • on file open/save/save as dialog, move focus to text field of dialog