PLOrk speaker building notes

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A place for useful notes on building the new silver hemispheres, sorted by step:

The Guts

  • Audio wires from the RCA sextet to the 6-channel pot need to be a little longer than we first thought: 14"-16" inches
  • The white wire with the blue stripe (attached to the amps) is junk - replace all of that
  • Striped wire = +12v
  • Scott's new color-coding for the RCA sextet: 1 = Blue, 2 = Blue/Black, 3 = Orange, 4 = Orange/Black, 5 = Green, 6 = Green/Black

Preparing the rings and drivers

  • The sticky stuff on the foam rings for the drivers isn't too good - a lot of them fell off over night. Maybe save this step until the drivers are ready to be screwed on to a hemi.

Installing The Drivers

  • Don't forget to put the ring over the wire before soldering the speaker to it. Forgetting to do this is lame. Current score: Dan: 5 or more, Jascha: 2. dan wins!!!
  • Trim the excess tape from the screw-holes with something before putting the screws in - not doing this can sometimes gum the screws up and make it annoying and needlessly difficult to get them in.