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SPE 2007
+Stronger: Beat Detection + Visualizer
Lalithra Fernando, Amy Seymour
Rebecca Fiebrink, Ge Wang

Links to code:

7-11-07 Zip Archive of Entire Project to Date
from Lalithra's computer (2.6MB)
7-16-07 New Zip Archive (2.6MB)
(includes polymorphism.
Animator/ KeyFrame Generator not working yet.)
7-16-07 Apple SDK Site http://developer.apple.com/sdk/
7-16-07 Scripting iTunes (JScript) http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcenter/funzone/tunes.mspx
7-18-07 Zip Archive (Includes Animator, MarvinBody) http://www.nubayproductions.com/stronger/%2bStronger0718.zip
7-20-07 Visualizer Mapped to Keys http://www.nubayproductions.com/stronger/%2bStronger0720-7am.zip
7-20-07 +Stronger 1.0 http://www.nubayproductions.com/stronger/%2bStronger_v1.zip
8/03/07 http://www.imagomat.de/vizkit/