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  1. People named JAMES[2] are in the grid (moving U/D and L/R).
  2. The letters left in the grid after all the names removed is the message.
  3. Other words that can be found: NUMBER, NERO, BANE, (P)LUCK(Y), S/RAID, NOIR, FORE, PIER, VERY, SABLE, ROAM, BEAT, PETE, BEEN, BOAR, ROAR, FATE, ...
  1. Ok, James probably refers to james dean. The word REBEL can be made out in the lower right. The words we have to find might be related to Rebel Without a Cause.
  2. As mentioned below, we can find DEAN and WOOD in the text.
  3. Ending with the 1 at the bottom, we can read "NUMBER 1"


  1. BROWN (7,1)
  2. WOODS (13,9)
  3. DEAN (8,14)