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===George Reis===
===George Reis===
===Bolei Guo===
===Bolei Guo===
===Neal Glew
===Neal Glew===
===Neil Vachharajani===
===Neil Vachharajani===
===Yitzhak Mandelbaum===
===Yitzhak Mandelbaum===

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TACL Seminar


Date Speaker Title Links
Feb 9 Dan Wang Opportunities and Challenges in End-to-End Verification of Software Systems Abstract
Feb 10 Dinghao Wu Interfacing Compilers, Proof Checkers, and Proofs for Foundational Proof-Carrying Code Abstract
Feb 16 Gang Tan Structured Verification of Unstructured Machine Code Abstract
Feb 23 NJ PLS
Mar 2 Xinming Ou MulVAL: An Automatic Network Vulnerability Analyzer Abstract
Mar 9 George Reis SWIFT: Software Implemented Fault Tolerance Abstract
Mar 16 Bolei Guo Low-Level Pointer Analysis Abstract
Mar 23 Dominic Duggan - Stevens
Mar 28 Neal Glew - Intel Research Inlining, Dynamic Loading and Type Safety Abstract
Apr 6 Neil Vachharajani Opportunities for Coarse-Grained Parallel Execution Abstract
Apr 13 Yitzhak Mandelbaum A Calculus for Specifying Ad Hoc Data Formats Abstract
Apr 22 IBM PL Day
Apr 27 Rob Simmons Metatheoretic Approaches to Formalizing High-level Languages Abstract
May 25 Aarti Gupta - NEC Verifying C Programs by Model Checking Abstract


Dan Wang

Dinghao Wu

Gang Tan

Xinming Ou

George Reis

Bolei Guo

Neal Glew

Neil Vachharajani

Yitzhak Mandelbaum

Rob Simmons

Aarti Gupta

TACL Seminar