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<!-- Please don't. -->
<!-- Please don't. -->
[[User:Jcone|JC1]] I have solved this by working backwards from dancing party.  Look there for the answer.
--[[User:Ddantas|DSD]] 23:59, 26 July 2006 (EDT)
--[[User:Ddantas|DSD]] 23:59, 26 July 2006 (EDT)

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I'm solving this with prolog, which I'm learning as I go...

JC1 I have solved this by working backwards from dancing party. Look there for the answer.

--DSD 23:59, 26 July 2006 (EDT)

  1. Except for the game on Saturday, all of the games were teams in the same division, with one game for each of the six divisions. Saturday's game was interleague (one team from the AL and one team from the NL).
  2. The combined score for each game is different. No game had a combined run total of more than 15.
  3. In the Friday game, both teams scored >= 4 runs.
  4. The Diamondbacks scored more than any other team.
  5. The only team from California [Not the Padres] in a game that Charlie bet on lost by 4.
  6. Iff any New York team played, then so did the Cleveland Indians.
  7. The Phillies scored twice as much as the Nationals; the Nationals scored twice as much as the loser of Saturday night's game.
  8. If the L.A. Dodgers played, they won.
  9. A team that scored 6 runs is not named after a bird or a fish.
  10. Four temas who scored 4 runs lost their respective games.
  11. Both teams from Chicago scored the same number of runs; no other teams scored fewer than these teams. One of these teams was the only visiting team to lose.
  12. The Milwaukee Brewers won, despite not being comfortable with using a designated hitter.
  13. The AL East game was before, but not the day before, the AL West game, which was the day before the AL Central game.
  14. If the Minnesota Twins played, they won.
  15. 11 runs were scored in Thursday's game.
  16. The teams in Tuesday's game are from cities starting with the same letter.
  17. Iff any Ohio team played, then so did the Detroit Tigers.
  18. The game the Pittsburgh Pirates (who scored an odd number of runs) played and the game played one day after a game where 9 runs were scored in total were the game played one day before a game not played in Texas? and the game where 6 runs were scored in total.
  19. The NL West game was twice as many days after the NL Central game as the NL Central game was after the NL East game.
  20. In the game the day after the only game where a team scoring 4 runs in total won, twice as many runs were scored as the game played by two Central division team.
  21. The San Diego Padres did not play in any of these games.



  1. NL East or AL East


  1. NL Central or NL East


  1. Not NL East
  2. Might be NL Central - Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinatti Reds
  3. Not NL West
  4. Might be AL East - Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles
  5. Not AL West


  1. NL West or AL West


  1. NL West or AL West
  2. 11 runs combined


  1. AL Central
  2. Both teams >= 4 runs


  1. Milwaukee Brewers beat ?


NL East

Atlanta Braves

Florida Marlins

NY Mets

Philadelphia Phillies

Washington Nationals

NL Central

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Houston Astros

Milwaukee Brewers

Pittsburgh Pirates

St. Louis Cardinals

NL West

Arizona Diamondbacks

  1. Did play

Colorado Rockies

Los Angeles Dodgers

  1. Only 1 team from CA

San Diego Padres

  1. Did not play

San Francisco Giants

  1. Only 1 team from CA

AL East

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox

NY Yankees

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Toronto Blue Jays

AL Central

Chicago White Sox

Cleveland Indians

  1. Did play if NY Yankees or NY Mets played

Detroit Tigers

Kansas City Royals

Minnesota Twins

AL West

LA Angels

  1. Only 1 team from CA

Oakland Athletics

  1. Only 1 team from CA

Seattle Mariners

Texas Rangers