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'''It''': Good afternoon, Sir. Are you ready to order?
'''He''': Yes. For starters, could you get us some naturally curly fries and
grad student barbecue sauce?
'''It''': And the main course?
'''He''': Sense of proportion for me, and gumption for the lady.
'''It''': We have a house special today, Miss. You get free advice with
'''She''': No, thanks.
'''He''': I'll take the advice. I love advice.
'''It''': I am sorry, Sir, but free advice and a sense of proportion don't go
together very well.
'''He''': Why is that?
'''It''': I don't know, Sir, just something my mother heard from her mother.
'''He''': Funny. Sounds like the sort of thing this lady here used to write on
her life page.
'''It''': You have a life page, Miss?
'''He''': Not anymore. Two links under and resting in pieces.
'''It''': Sorry to learn about the death, Sir.
'''He''': Oh no, not dead! Just stunned.

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